Duplicarius, 75.

Durobrivae, otherwise Castor, site of ancient potteries, 255.

Early buildings, under Principia, 52; in Praetentura, in Retentura, 69.

Early fort, its defences and plan, 23; rampart of, 24; occupied up to A.D. 86, 345.

Earth-houses as evidence of post-Roman occupation, 342.

East Annexe, extent of, 87.

El Kastal, Arabia, fort of, gate at, 38.

Elk, remains of the, 110, 376.

Elton, Derbyshire, penannular brooch from, 326.

Enamelling, enamels, 328; circular brooches showing, 330; studs, 331.

Equus agilis, Equus sivalensis, 110.

Evans, Mr. Arthur, 163; studies of fibulae by, 321, 327.

Ewart, Professor J. C., 109; Appendix II., Animal remains by, 362.

Ewell, Surrey, pits at, 105.

Exercier-Hall, 44.

Fabricius, Professor E., on a building at Gellygaer, 70 (2).

Faimingen, urn at, 245.

Falx arboraria, 284.

Faustina, Elder and Younger, coins of, 341; Appendix V., silver, 398, 399; brass, 412, 413.

Favonius, monument of, at Colchester, girdle worn on the, 163.

Festi, G. Flavi, name on phalerae from Lauersfort, 176.

Festus, Q Sertorius, phalerae on the monument of, 175.

Fibulae, 317; the poor man's fibula, 318; dragonesque, 319; knee fibula, 326. See Aesica, Andernach, Aylesford, Backworth, Birdlip, Camelon, Chorley, Colchester, Duntocher, Flossheim, Gilsland, Heddernheim, Hod Hill, Hofheim, llchester, Kingsholm, Lakenheath, Lamberton Moor, Lochlee Crannog, London, Polden Hill, Procolitia, Saalburg, Stockstadt, Trier, Victoria Cave, Vindonissa, Xanten.

File, 281.

Flasby, Yorkshire, sword found at, 186.

Flavinus, monument of, at Hexham, 148; plume on helmet on the, 170; harness on the, 295.

Flossheim, fibula from, 325.

F·LVGVDV, stamp on mortaria, 265.

Fort, small, on north side of the Tweed, 17. See also Ardoch, Bar Hill, Birdoswald, Birrens, Birrenswark, Bockingen, Bremenium, Brough, Bumbesti, Butzbach,

Caerleon on Usk, Caersws, Camelon, Castlecary, Chesterholm, Coelbren, Dâ Gâniya, Early fort, El Kastal, Habitancium, Hofheim, Holzhausen, Housesteads, Inchtuthil, Kapersburg, Kneblinghausen, Lambaesis, Lanchester, Later fort, Lauriacum, Lyne, Niederberg, Niederbiber, Novaesium, Pfünz, Phasis, Rough Castle, Saalburg, South Shields, Waldmössingen, Weissenburg, Wiesbaden, Zugmantel.

Fox, remains of the, 110, 378.

Friedberg, Hesse, helmet from, 165.

Frigidarium, 89.

Frölich, Dr. L., Königsfelden, photographs supplied by, 279, 282.

Frontier system, the Roman, 73.

FRONTINVS, fragments of a bowl of terra sigillata by, 208.

Gaetulicus, L. Maximius, altar dedicated by, 72, 143.

Galba, coins of, 111, 341; Appendix V., silver, 389.

Galloway, Alan, son of Roland of, charter by, 14.

Games, 338.

Ganymede, figure of, engraved on a seal, 333.

Garrison, the, at Newstead, 72.

Gates, 34; in the Hyginian camp, 40.

Gellygaer, fort of, rampart at, 29; towers at, 37; Principia at, 43; pillars separating courtyards at, 52; granaries at, 58; verandah at, 65; stable at, 70; type of bowl at, 258; facetted glass at, 272.

GEMINI·M, occurrence of the stamp on pottery of the later period, 199.

Genius, Tabularii dedication to the, 56; Horrei, 60; Praetorii, 62; Centuriae, 67; Coloniae, 273.

Gens Cordia, coin of the, 111, 387.

GERMANUS, terra sigillata in the style of, 212, 214, 216.

Gilsland, Mile Castle at, fibula from the, 319.

Girdle, the military, 162.

Gladius, 283.

Glass, 272.

Glastonbury, Lake Village of; querns found at, 146; weaving combs found at, 290; wheel from, 293; pattern on wooden bowl from, 327; the penannular brooch at, 328.

Gnotzheim, fort of; early pottery found at the, 192.

Goat, remains of the, 110, 374.

Gokstadt, steering gear of boat from, 313.

Gorge-Meillet, tombeau de la, helmet from the, 335.

Gouge, 280.

Gräfenhausen, Würtemberg, helmet from, 169.