in Walters, Catalogue of Roman Pottery, P1. XXXIII. (1). La Graufesenque. (Page 213, Figs. 9, 10 and 11.) Same pit.

C. Surface Finds of Early Pottery

46. Fragment of a bowl (Dragendorff 29). Portion of upper frieze, hound galloping to right) and fan-tail foliage. (Page 215, Fig. 1.)

47. Fragment of a bowl (Dragendorff 29). Upper frieze with floral ornament. Cf. type, Knorr, Rottweil Taf. iii. 2. (Page 215, Fig. 2.)

48. Fragment of a bowl (Dragendorff 29). Two friezes divided by a moulding and a double row of beads. In the upper frieze, a floral scroll. In the lower frieze, a scroll with ivy leaves framing panels. In the scroll, a small bird (Déchelette 1017); in a panel, a bird and hare. Principia. La Graufesenque. (Page 215, Fig 3.)

49. Bottom and part of side of a bowl (Dragendorff 29), showing portion of scroll and scale pattern arranged in pyramid. On the bottom the stamp OF RUFENI. Retentura. La Graufesenque. (Page 215, Fig. 5.)

50. Fragment of bowl (Dragendorff 29). Upper frieze scroll, as in Walters, Catalogue of Roman Pottery, P1. XXXV. 3. (Page 215, Fig. 4.)

51. Fragment of a bowl (Dragendorff 30), showing figures and portions of a scroll. The four figures face to left, first a man in a short tunic bearing a conical object (Déchelette 577), followed by a draped female figure bearing something in her right hand; behind her, stands a warrior with a crested helmet, armed with a spear and long shield (Déchelette 105); behind him, a smaller draped female figure. La Graufesenque. (Page 215, Fig. 6.)

52. Fragment of a bowl (Dragendorff 30). Decoration in panels, all incomplete. (1) The cruciform ornament. (2) A wreath. (3) Figure (Déchelette 320) moving to right, striking a tympanum. Retentura, under south rampart. La Graufesenque. (Page 215, Fig. 7.)

53. Fragment of a bowl (Dragendorff 37). Egg and tassel moulding. Frieze. On the upper side, bunches of pointed leaves. On the lower, a figure of Cupid kneeling to right above a line of arrow points. In the next space, part of a couchant animal. Lower, a wreath of chevron pattern. Baths. (Page 215, Fig. 8.)

54. Fragment of a howl (Dragendorff 37). The usual egg and tassel moulding is replaced by a flat band, beneath which, portions of two panels. (1) Incomplete. A tree resembling the type used by Germanus (Déchelette 1136, var.). (2) Divided horizontally by zigzag line. In the upper part, a hare couchant, to right (Déchelette 941); above it, a tendril at the angle. Below, a hare running to left. A wreath terminates the decoration. Rutenian. (Page 215, Fig. 9.)

55. Fragment of a bowl (Dragendorff 37). In a rectangular panel a winged figure, the head incomplete. The panel to the left has been filled with arrow-point