Mainz, situation compared, 17; caligae at, 150; figures of legionaries from, 165; phalerae on tombstone at, 176; form of shield on sculptures at, 181; sword hilt at, 184; Silius, gravestone of, found at, 295; carved discs of horn at, 315.

Malcolm, charter by King, 14.

Mallet, wooden, 280.

Mandrels, staple, 286.

Maniple, space occupied by a, 66.

Mantinea, Greece, its gates, 25.

Marble, bead of, 337.

Marcellinus, Ammianus, on the armour of the Parthians, 160.

Marcus, Adios, altar dedicated by, 72, 141. Marcus Aurelius, coins of, 341; Appendix V., silver, 398; brass, 413.

Marienfels, baths at, 91.

MARINUS, stamp on early mortarium, 265.

Marius, Caius, phalerae on the monument of, 175.

Marne, cemeteries of the, shields from the, 182.

Mars and Victory, dedication to, at Birrens, 155.

Masks, visor, iron from Pit XXII., 168; brass from Pit LVII., 170; helmet, list of, 179.

Mayen in the Eifel, stone for querns from, 145.

Medami, name on phalerae from Lauersfort, 176.

Melandra Castle, querns at, 146.

Melrose, history of the parish of, 2.

Melros, Liber de, Charters from the, 10, 11, 12.

Metae, in design on brass helmet, 167.

Michels, Herr, on the source from which the volcanic stone used for querns was obtained, 145.

Middlebie, Annandale, sword guard from, 186; Late Celtic harness-mountings from, 303.

Millefiori glass, 272; enamel, 329.

Milne, Rev. Adam, his history of Melrose, 2.

Mithras, temple of, at the Saalburg, 88; at Housesteads, 88.

Montans, early potteries at, 193.

Mont Beuvray, house at, 63; Arretine pottery at, 191.

Monteviot, Roman road traversing the grounds of, 8; pottery from Cappuck at, 9, 270.

Monuments. See Adamklissi, Albanus, Allius, Arlon, Avignon, Bassus, Blattius, Boppard, Caelius, Chiragan, Crispus, Favonius, Festus, Flavinus, Igel, Luccius, Marius, Musius, Neumagen, Pintaius, Pompeius, Regina, Sacrilus, Sertorii, Silius, Valerius, Vettius.

Mortaria, 263; sections of, 264; stamps on, 266.

Mortar of stone, 146.

Mortonhall, Pentland Hills, sword sheath found at, 186.

Morville, Hugo de, charter by, 12.

Mounting, brass, of unknown use, 316.

Muses Threnodie, The, notice of the discovery of pits in, 105.

Musius, Gnaeus, phalerae on the monument of, 175.

Nails, 289.

Namur, type of small beaker at, 256.

Narbonne, Arretine pottery at, 192.

Needle, packing, of horn, 314.

Needles, 337.

Nero, coins of, 341; paucity of bronze coins of, 346; Appendix V., gold, 385; silver, 388; brass, 401.

Nerva, coins of, 341; Appendix V., silver, 393; brass, 407.

Netherby, Julius Verus mentioned in inscription at, 349.

Neubotle, Registrum de, Charter from the, 15.

Neumagen, reliefs from, shoes on the, 151; packing amphorae on, 269; wheeled vehicles on, 293; harness on, 295.

Neville. See Great Chesterford.

Newcastle, spoon-like bone objects at, 338; Julius Verus mentioned in inscription at, 349.

Newtun, Newtoun, 12.

Nida (Heddernheim), silver crescent (lunula) from a grave at, 334.

Niederberg, fort of, armamentarium at, 57.

Niederbiber, fort of, inscription at, 54; dedication to the genio horrei at, 60.

Niedermendig, basalt lava from, 145.

Niello, employed on the decoration of phalerae, 300; on metal terminal mountings, 301.

Nikopolis, Bulgaria, helmet from, 169; date of, 172.

Nîmes, wall of, 36; Arretine pottery at, 192; miniature amphorae in the Maison Carrée at, 252.

Ninth Legion, took part in the expedition of Agricola, 73; probably overwhelmed in the reign of Hadrian, 344.

Normanville, John de, charter by, 11.

Novaesium (Neuss), fortress of, extent of, 18; barrack lines at, 67; loops of sword sheaths at, 187; pottery from, 191; pottery of La Graufesenque at, 193; knife handles at, 282; pendants from phalerae at, 300; wooden box at, 311; carved disc of horn at, 315; enamelled seal box at, 333; probes at, 338. Nydam, steering gear of boat from, 313.

Nymwegen, jugs at, 263; seat preserved in the Canisius College at, 287. See also Kam Collection.

Oak beams, 313.

Oak branches in rampart, 24.

Oar, steering, 313.