Buckles with scroll decoration, 304.

Building stones, 48.

Bumbesti, Roumania, inscription from, 28.

Bungs of casks or amphorae, 312.

Burials in ditch of the great camp, 19.

Burnet, Mr. George, diary of, 141.

Buttons, 150.

Butzbach, fort of, Sacellum vault at, 55.

Caelius, Marcus, military decorations represented on the monument of, 175.

Caerleon on Usk, fortress of, wall at, 37.

Caersws, fort of, 190.

Caerwent, house at, 63.

Calceus, 151.

Calchou, Liber de, charter from the, 14.

Caldarium, 89.

Calidus, monument of, scaled tunic of a centurion on the, 161.

Caliga, 150.

Camelon, fort of, its extent, 29; more than one occupation of the, 78; baths at, 88; pits at, 105; pottery of CINNAMUS and DIVIXTUS at, 229; early pottery at, 271; fibula from, 324; penannular brooch from, 327; coins found at, 341.

Camp, the great, 15.

Campbell, Mr. Robert, his examination of silt from the ditch of the early fort, 27.

Campestres, altar to the, 140.

Canabae, 87.

Cannstatt, urn with spouts at, 245.

Cappuck, fort of, a Roman site, 8; pottery from, 270.

Carbatina, 152.

Carlisle, 'rustic ware' at, 247; stamp on an amphora at, 270.

Carlsruhe, enamelled bronze plate in the museum of, 155.

Carnuntum, fortress of, its extent, 18; armour at, 148, 158; monument of Calidus at, 161; enamelled belt mounting from, 330.

Caskets, mountings of, 309.

Castlecary, fort of, its extent, 29; gate at, 34; towers at, 37; granary at, 59; baths at, 88; pottery at, 271; coins found at, 341.

Castor ware, 255.

Castra Bonnensia, its extent and period, 18.

Castra Vetera, its position compared, 17.

Catterdale, Wensleydale, sword from, 186.

Celestine III., confirmation by Pope, 13.

Celt of stone, 146.

Celtic sword, the, 185.

Centuries, soldiers quartered according to, 66.

Cervoli, 24.

Chain mail, 161.

Chain, of iron, 287; of silver wire finely plaited, 327; silver with pendants, 333.

Chamber in outer courtyard, Principia, 47.

Channelkirk, camp believed to be Roman, identified by Roy, at, 9; Dere Street, passing through the parish of, 13.

Chassenard, visor-mask found at, 272.

Chattou, Alexander de, charter by, 10.

Chesterholm (Vindolana), fort of, altars discovered at, 62.

Chesters, fort of, Principia at, 43; commandant's quarters at, 63; baths at, 88.

Chiragan, portrait busts at, 161. Chisels, 280.

Chorley, Lancashire, fibulae from, 323; chain connecting fibulae from, 327.

Cingulum, 162.

CINNAMUS pottery of, examples of his ware, 222, 224; his period, 228; bowls in his style common both on the Vallum and at Newstead, 347

CINT·VGENI, stamp on black glazed ware, 230.

Circular brooches, or disc fibulae, 330.

Clermont-Ferrand, site of ancient potteries near, 193.

Cloth, 289.

Cocidius, dedication by soldiers of the Twentieth Legion to, 73.

Cockburnspath, Berwickshire, hollow brass mountings from, 316.

Coelbren, fort of, Wales, its rampart, 24; tent pegs at, 310.

Cohors, miliaria equitata, composition of a, 75; quingenaria equitata, Gellygaer possibly occupied by a, 70; composition of a, 75.

Coins, found in pits, 111; total number found, 341; Dr. J. A. Smith's list, 342; found in ditch of early fort, 344; complete detailed list of, by Mr. George Macdonald, Appendix V., 385.

Colchester, monument of Favonius at, 163; helmet at, 164; fibula at, 319.

Collar of iron, 289.

Cologne, wall of, 36; unglazed ware with barbotine decoration manufactured at, 255; gravestones of Marcus Sacrilus and T. Flavius Bassus at, 295

terra cottas manufactured at, 305.

Column at corner of granary, Block XIV., 58, 244.

Column of Trajan, shields on the, 181; bowmen on the, 188; cooking-pots carried by legionaries on the, 274; pioneers at work on the, 278; sickle employed on the, 284; seat used by the Emperor on the, 287; carts on the, 294.