valley. Pilmuir lies about two miles to the west of Lauder, while the Bradestrutherburn has been identified with the Harryburn which joins the Leader to the north of the burgh of Lauder.[1] Again following the line of the Leader valley, but approaching the crest of the Lammermoors, we find it In the neighbourhood of Oxton, in a charter of A.D. 1206, by Alan, son of Roland of Galloway, Constable of the Realm of Scotland, conveying to the Church of Kelso five ploughgates of land in Ulfkelyston (Oxton) in Lauderdale. These are described as lying: 'From the head of Holdene going down by the Holdene burn as far as Derestrete and so by Derestrete northwards to Fuleford and by Samson's Marches to the Leader, by the Leader ascending in a straight course to the east end of the said town of Hulfkeliston, and from the east end of Ulfkiliston in a straight line by the south road ascending to Derestrete.'[*]

The name does not appear in the charters of the Domus de Soltre, the Hospice of Soutra, but in a charter granted by King Alexander II. in 1228 we have references to the Royal road across Soutra Hill. It formed one of the boundaries of the land belonging to the Hospice. The march is described as running to the burn in Lynnesden, and from that burn eastward by the way which leads to the Royal road running towards Roxburgh.[] While it is evident from the Maxton Charters quoted above that south of the Tweed the line of the Royal road did not coincide with the Derestreet, it is probable that in Lauderdale, and in crossing Soutra Hill both followed the same course, and this is the more plain, as we find that as they approach Dalkeith the line is identical. This may be seen from a charter of King Malcolm to the Monastery of Newbattle, in which he makes over 'the town of Gocelin, with its boundaries.' 'The town of Gocelin the cook, with its proper marches, namely from the east by

* Videlicet a capite de Holdene descendendo per Rivulum de Holdene usque in Derestrete et sic per Derestrete usque borearn usque fuleforde per divisas Samsonis usque in ledre et Sic per ledre recto tramite ascendendo usque ad capud orientale ejusdem ville de Hulfkeliston et a capite orientali de Ulfkiliston recto tramite per victim australem ascendendo usque ad Derestrete. Liber de Calchou, p. 201, No. 545.

Totam terram illam que jacet inter has divisas scilicet inter Brotherstanes et rivulum aquilonalern et rivulum australem et usque ad rivulum orientalem in Lynnesden et ab ipso rivulo orientali per viam que ducit ad regiam viam tendentem versus Rox­burgh. Registrum Cartarum Domus de Soltre, No. 28.

1 Allan, History of the Parish of Channelkirk, p. 61.