Regensburg, fibula found at, 326.

Regina, wife of Barates, monument of, casket on the, 306.

Reinach, M. Salomon, on helmet sculptured on the balustrade at Pergamum, 171.

Republican denarii, 341; Appendix V., 387.

Retentura, 40; buildings in, 68.

Rheinzabern, pottery made at, 194; its presence at Newstead, 195; urn at, 245; disc-fibula of bronze from, 331.

Ribchester, helmet found at, 168; date of, 172.

Ribs of shields, 182.

Rings, finger, 333.

Rise, near Hull, Late Celtic bridle-bit from, 302, 304, 328.

Ritterling, Professor, his views on the occupation of the chambers adjoining the Sacellum at Wiesbaden, 56; on the plan of Gellygaer, 70 (2).

Road, the "Roman," 7. See also Dere Street.

Roberts, T. J. S., owner of the site of the fort, 6; altar in the possession of, 142.

Rods of iron, finely forged, 286.

Roman cavalry, exercises of, described by Arrian, 173.

Rome, headstall in bronze found in, 297.

Rosette, stamp on terra sigillata, 200.

Ross Priory, Dumbartonshire, altar at, 141.

Rottweil, bowl with flat overhanging rim from, 198.

Rough Castle, fort of, extent of, 29; granary at, 59; pottery at, 271.

Roy, General, his search for the Trimontium of Ptolemy, 3.

Royal Road, 11, 14.

Rubbish pits. See Pits and wells.

Rückingen, laconicum, in baths at, 95.

RVFFI·MA, 257. See also Potters, list of marks on terra sigillata.

RUFINUS, fragment of bowl of terra sigillata by, 214.

Rushmore, Romano-British village at, ornament on fibula from, 336.

'Rustic ware,' 247.

Ruteni, early potteries at La Graufesenque in the country of the, 193.

St. Albans, helmet at, 165.

St. Germain-en-Laye, museum of, cheek piece of a helmet in the, 169; Plique collection of pottery in the, 200; bronze headstall in the, 297; statuettes of Jupiter in the, 334.

St. Paul Trois Chateaux, headstall from, 297.

Saalburg, fort of the, shows several occupations, 28; battlements at, 37; images at, 54; civil settlement at, 87; laconicum at, 95; pits at, 106; shoes at, 151; helmet mountings at, 165; shield bosses, 182; pottery from, 191; absence of platter of

 sigillata with inner moulding, 197; object resembling a boathook at, 288; circular embossed disc from, 299; tent pegs at, 310; packing needle of horn, 314; fibulae from, 319, 326; enamelled belt mounting from, 330; enamelled brooches from, 330; enamelled seal box from, 333; probes from, 338.

Sabina, coins of; 341; Appendix V., brass, 411.

SABINUS, 197. See also Potters, list of marks on terra sigillata.

Sacellum. See Shrine.

Sacrilus, Marcus, of the Norician Ala, gravestone of, helmet on the, 167; horse-trappings on the, 295.

Saddle, framework of a, 288.

Sadlerhead, in the parish of Lesmahagow, bronze jug found at, 276.

Sagum, the military cloak, 149.

Saintes, museum of, inscribed jar in the, 267.

'Samian ware,' 191. See also Terra sigillata.

SAMILLI·M, 199. See also Potters, list of marks on terra sigillata.

Saw, 290.

Scale armour, 158.

Schierenhof, fort of, packing-needle of horn at, 314.

Schlossau, baths at, 91.

Schumacher, Professor, his dating of brooch from Heddernheim, 324; from Osterburken, 326.

Scythes, 284.

Scythian pennons borne by Roman Cavalry, 173.

Seal, leaden, inscribed, 309.

Seal-boxes, 308, 333.

Seat, portions of framework of a, 287.

Seckmauern, baths at, 91.

Second Legion (Augusta) employed in building Antonine Vallum, 73.

Sections through defences, 30.

Seleucus I., panther's skin worn over the helmet on the coins of, 171.

Selgovae, mentioned by Ptolemy, 21.

Senecio, name of, scratched on bronze objects, 177.

Serries en Val, catch on torc from, 163.

Sertorii, monuments of the, scale armour on the, 161.

SERVANDUS, a maker of terra cottas, 305.

Sesquiplecarius, 75.

Severus, Emperor, bust of, 161; campaign of, 342.

Shears, 291.

Sheaths, 187.

Sheep, remains of the, 110, 368.

Shields, names on, 174; remains of, 181.