3. Brooch of bronze (Plate LXXXIX., Fig. 1). Found in the Praetentura, north end. Decorated with two concentric bands of enamel. The inner band is red, with raised spots of metal appearing at intervals. The central ornament, which was probably a raised boss, is missing.

4. Circular bronze brooch (Plate LXXXIX., Fig. 6). Found in the South Annexe. Decorated with two concentric circles of enamel. The inner is red, with raised spots of metal appearing at intervals; the outer is green. The centre of the brooch has disappeared.

5. Circular bronze brooch, imperfect (Plate LXXXIX., Fig. 11). Found in Barrack Block No. VIII) Praetentura. In the centre is a circular perforation, round which runs a band of enamel alternately white and blue. The petal-like edging is filled with alternate spots of red and blue enamel. The pill has disappeared, but the catch and hinge remain upon the back.

6. Circular bronze brooch, imperfect (Plate LXXXIX., Fig. 20). Found in the Baths. The centre is raised and decorated with a double line of triangular spaces cut in white metal. The inner row is red, the outer blue.

7. Circular bronze brooch, imperfect (Plate LXXXIX., Fig 12). Found in the Retentura, on line of reducing wall. The ground is of dark blue. The spots are filled with yellow.

8. A single example of a disc fibula without enamel may be added here. Circular bronze brooch (Plate LXXVII., Fig. 15). Found in the Praetentura. The centre is domed with a projecting boss at the apex. Around the rim small projections have appeared at intervals. The type is known in Germany.; one example is illustrated by Ludowici from a grave at Rheinzabern.[1]

II. Enamelled Studs of Bronze

1. Circular stud (Plate LXXXIX., Fig. 10). Found in the Retentura, on the line of the reducing wall. The centre is red. The rest of the surface is covered with enamel of a dark blue, in which is left a zigzag line of metal, forming a star pattern. In each ray is a metal-point.

2. Circular stud (Plate LXXXIX., Fig. 21). Found in the Baths. Round the centre, from which the ornament has disappeared, runs a band of enamel, divided into patches alternately (lark-green and white. Each of the white patches contains a small dark blue flower with a red heart. The tang on the back is preserved.

3. Circular stud (Plate LXXXIX., Fig. 4). Found in the Retentura. The design resembles a Maltese Cross. The arms are of blue. In the centre is a circle of bright orange-red, surrounded by a ring of dark blue. The spaces between the arms of the cross are filled in with enamel of a yellowish white. A stud of similar pattern was included in the Pont y Saison find. There, however, the ground is of red.

1 Ludowici, Urnen-Gräber, p. 197, fig. 112.