From the charter just quoted it appears that Derestreet lay to the west of the Kale, as does the line of the Roman road. We next get a trace of it in a charter dating from the reign of William the Lion by Robert de Berkeley and Cecilia his wife, conveying certain lands of Mackistun (the modern Maxton) to the Monastery of Melrose. These are described as 'a ploughgate of land in the territory of Mackistun set off as follows: That is to say, on the east side of Derestrete by the watershed of Morrig towards the south from the east side of the said street to the first sike on the north part of Lilisyhatef between Gretkerigge and Lilisyhatef and so towards the east by the same sike to that place which I Robert de Berkeley myself assigned to them in presence of my men and they have set up in Morric a great stone in witness and thence westwards to Derestrete.)[*] The land conveyed must have been in the vicinity of Lilliard's Edge. The name Morrig still exists in the farm of Morridge Hall, which here lies on the outskirts of the parish of Maxton, the line of the old road, forming its boundary on the west.

Dating from the reign of Alexander II. we find another charter conveying lands in Maxton which gives Derestreet as a boundary. This was granted by John de Normanville in favour of the Monastery of Melrose. The boundary of these lands, which are described as forming part of the territory of Makeston, is said to follow 'the bank below Kelwelawe to Keluesetescloch [the termination is doubtless cleuch], and so descending by Keluesetescloch to the bank of Grenrig and so by the same bank to Lillesetheburn and so going up the said burn to the bank of Grenerig and by the bank towards the west to Derstret and so to the north following the line of Derstret to the Royal road which runs from Annandale towards Roxburgh and by the said road toward the east as far as the marches between Faringdune and the lands of the said Monks of Melros.'[]

[*] unam Carrucatam terre in territono de Mackistun plenarie per has divisas scilicet ab orientali parte de derestrete a medio condoso de morrig versus austrum ex orientali parte ejusdem strate usque ad primum sicum ex aquilonali parte de lilisyhatef inter gretkerigge et lilisyhatef et sic versus orientem per eutidem sicum usque ad ulum locum quem ego Robertus de Berkeley ipsis coram hominibus meis assignavi et ipsi magnam petram in testimonium erexerunt in morric et inde versus occidentem usque derestrete. Liber de Melros, vol. i. p. 77, No. 90.

[] illam partern terre in territono de Makeston que inter has divisas obtinet scilicet per fossatum subtus Kelwelaue usque in Keluesetescloch et sic descendendo per Kelue-