Plate 51


1. 'Rustic ware.' Pit LXIII.. Colour grey.247
2. 'Rustic ware.' Pit XVI. Colour grey.247
3. Black ware with raised surface. Ditch of the early fort.246
4. Grey ware with comb decoration. The incised lines show traces of red colour.260
5. Black ware, highly polished, with mouldings showing lines of vertical incisions.248
6. Grey ware with comb. decoration.260
7. Orange red resembling Belgic ware.260
8. Buff ware. Shape probably copied from type Dragendorff 29.257
9. Grey ware with raised lines.
10. Buff ware. Shape copied from type Dragendorff 33.257
11. whitish grey ware with scale decoration.260
12. Grey ware with impressed decoration.263
13. Buff ware. Shape copied from type Dragendorff 37.257
14. Whitish. grey ware. Lid of a vessel.260
15. Whitish ware. with brown engobe. Pit XXIII.260
16. Buff ware with impressed lines.261