SKULL No. VI., which came from the drain at the south-west corner of the later fort, is represented by a broken calvaria, the face and base being absent. The shape and curve of the frontal bone, and the thinness of the orbital margin, which is preserved on one side, suggest that it is the skull of a woman of adult age.

The outline in the norma verticalis is broadly ovoid, the parietal exceeding the frontal width. The breadth of the skull and the steepness of the curve of the vault behind suggest that it had proportions approaching the brachycephalic type of skull.

VII. In Pit No. XVI of the South Annexe, two broken jaw bones were found. One of them is certainly male, the other female. The dentition is complete in both jaws, and the teeth are good, being little worn and showing no signs of caries.

VIII. In the ditch of the early fort a fragment of the skull of a very young infant was discovered; also a lower jaw in which the wisdom teeth have not erupted) and belonging to a child between 14 and 18 years of age.

IX. SKELETON OF DWARFISH FEMALE. In Pit XVII were recovered the bones of a female of diminutive stature. The skeleton was complete save for certain of the cervical vertebrae, the sternum, and the bones of the hands and feet. The long bones are very ill developed and slender, but otherwise normal; there is no sign of rickets or other deformity; all the epiphyses are united, showing that growth was complete, but the lines where the chief or main epiphyses had joined are still visible. The first and second pieces of the sacrum are not fully joined, and the crests of the ilia remain still partly separated. The age of the individual must therefore have been, when death occurred, from 22 to 23 years. The wisdom teeth had erupted in both jaws, and there is a distinct amount of wearing of the crowns of the molars.

The characters of the pelvis when articulated leave no doubt as to the sex of the individual.

The skeleton has now been articulated, and stands between 4 feet 6 and 4 feet 7 high, a figure closely approximating to the stature calculated from the length of the bug bones, viz. 4 feet 6 or 4 feet 7 inches according to the formula used.

The measurements of the different long bones are as follows:

Clavicle 125 mm.
Maximum. Oblique.
Humerus { Right 277 mm. 271 mm.
{ Left 271 mm. 262 mm.
Radius { Right 203 mm.
{ Left 200 mm.
Ulna { Right 224 mm.
{ Left 223 mm.
Femur { Right 382 mm. 376 mm.
{ Left 379mm. 373mm.
Tibia{ Right 305 mm.
{ Left 301 mm.
Fibula { Right 301 mm.
{ Left 298 mm.