93. Bowl (Dragendorff 37), Barrack Block II. Praetentura. Egg and tassel moulding. Decoration in large medallions and panels. Height, 3¼ inches. Diameter, 6¾ inches. The centre figure on the medallions appears on a bowl, bearing the stamp of the potter Divixtus, at Camelon. On the right, an upright panel with a figure of Pan holding his pedum (Déchelette 413). On the left, a panel divided horizontally. In the upper half is a demi-medallion of a bird. In the lower half, an ass. The figure of Pan occurs twice. On the opposite side of the bowl the panel is filled with the figure of a Bestiarius. Lezoux. (Plate XL., Fig. 14.) A fragment very closely resembling part of this bowl, with the same figures of the Bestiarius, bird, and ass, was found at Birrens.

94. Fragment of a bowl (Dragendorff 37). Egg and tassel moulding. Beneath it, figures of animals in 'free' style; in the centre, a female Centaur (Déchelette 431) pursues a boar (Déchelette 824). Beneath, a pigmy. Around it, various animal form. (Page 227, Fig. 1.)

95. Fragment of a bowl (Dragendorff 37). Figure of a man bearing a small shield, or possibly a discus springing to left. Cf. Déchelette 653. (Page 227, Fig. 2.)

96. Fragment of a bowl (Dragendorff 37). The decoration arranged in panels containing small medallions. In a medallion, incomplete figure of a bird to right. Mask of Pan (Déchelette 675) turned to left; below it, three rosettes. Below, a border with long pointed leaves and bunches of foliage arranged in pairs alternately. Stamped below the decorative band, AVENTINI·M. (Page 227; Fig. 3.)

97. Fragment of a bowl (Dragendorff 37). Egg and tassel moulding. Portions of two panels are to be seen in each. In a large medallion the figure of an eagle (Déchelette 981) holds a snake in its beak. In the larger panel a figure of Victory (Déchelette 475) offers a wreath to a nude figure (Déchelette 329); at the foot of Victory lies the head of a captive. Lezoux. (Page 227, Fig. 4.)

98. Fragment of a bottom of bowl (Dragendorff 37), showing on the lower rim the letters IVIX·F, part of the stamp of Divixtus. (Page 227, Fig. 5.)

99. Fragment of a bowl (Dragendorff 30). Panels alternating with large medallions. (1) On the left, a figure, incomplete, of Apollo seated, holding a lyre; beneath his seat, a dolphin and a lion couchant. (2) In a large medallion, figure of a dancer (Déchelette 220). (3) The design of No. 1 is evidently repeated. (Page 227, Fig. 6.)

Scattered up and down over the fort and its annexes there were picked up many pieces of pottery—about 120 in all—bearing the stamps of potters. Nearly all of the stamps were impressed on the bottom of cups of Dragendorff's Types 27 and 33, or on the platters of Types 18 and 31. In one or two examples of the older decorated bowls the stamp of the potter was placed