PIT XCVIII. Diameter at surface 6 feet 9 inches; at bottom 4 feet. Depth 16 feet 8 inches.

Finds. Pieces of a dish (Type, Dragendorff 31) with stamp BANOLUCCI. Pieces of a cup (Dragendorff, Type 33) with stamp FEGINI·M. Some oyster shells and antlers of red deer.

Cleared out 13 June, 1910.

PIT XCIX. Diameter at surface 6 feet 6 inches; at bottom 4 feet. Depth 18 feet.

Finds. Near the surface, fragments of a yellow urn resembling Plate L. (A), Fig. 3. At 10 feet, some fragments of decorated bowls of Type, Dragendorff 37, all probably late. At bottom, a bronze cooking-pot with an iron handle inscribed TVRMA · CRISPI · NIGRI.

Cleared out 15 June, 1910.

PITS C to CVII. These pits discovered and cleared out while this volume was passing through the press produced few objects of importance. Three of them, Nos. C, CIII and CVII, were built wells. Pit CII, which contained remains of decorated leather, was the only one which produced early pottery.