Plate 95
1. Skull Newstead horse: Forest Type 2. Skull Newstead horse: Plateau Type


1. Upper view of skull of coarse-limbed pony of the 'forest' (Solutré) type, from Newstead. Owing to the great width of the face the frontal index is 61; in a broad-browed Shetland pony with a short-dished face the frontal index may be 63; but in the long-faced wild horse of Mongolia it may be only 50.

2. Upper view of a slender-limbed horse of the 'plateau' type, about 12.2 hands high, from the Roman fort at Newstead. Length from occipital crest to alveolar point (i.e. point between central incisors, 494 mm; length from line connecting supra-orbital foramina to alveolar point, 338 mm; frontal (greatest) width, 185 mm. Owing to the face being long and narrow, the frontal index (185 × 100 ÷ 338) is 54, as in high-caste Arabs.