Plate 81


1. Mounting for the end of a strap, bronze. Baths.308
2. Hanging ornament of thin bronze. Courtyard, Principia.308
3. Hanging ornament, bronze, plated with white metal. Courtyard, Principia.308
4. Hanging ornament, bronze. Courtyard, Principia.308
5. Hinge of bronze. Courtyard, Principia.309
6. Portion of seal box of bronze. Courtyard, Principia.308
7. Hook in form of a claw, bronze. Courtyard, Block XIII.
8. Mounting of bronze with tang on back for attachment to wood or leather. Barracks, Praetentura.
9. Portion of a hinged buckle.
10. Portion of seal box, bronze.308
11. Portion of seal box, bronze.308
12. Mounting of bronze.
13. Hook with chain, bronze. Courtyard of Principia.
14. Fragment of wreath of silver. Courtyard of Principia.309
15. Bronze stud with hanging object. Courtyard of Principia.309
16. Fragment of bronze chain. Pit I.
17. Hook of bronze, near surface. Pit XVII.
18. Embossed plate, thin bronze, for decoration of a casket (?).309
19. Small bell in form of an acorn, bronze. Baths.309