4. Circular stud (Plate LXXXIX., Fig. 17). Found near the East Rampart, above the filling of the ditch of the early fort in the Praetentura. The centre is white and contains a single tiny flower in blue, with a red heart. Around is a border of pale-green and white millefiori enamel.

5. Small circular stud or setting (Plate LXXXIX., Fig. 16). Found in the Retentura. The centre spot is of blue, with concentric circles of yellow, black arid blue.

6. Circular stud (Plate LXXXIX., Fig. 9). Found in the Praetentura. The centre is green, and is surrounded by a band of red arid a band of millefiori, showing a small red flower on a blue ground.

7. Circular stud (Plate LXXXIX., Fig. 24). Found in Praetentura, near East Rampart. The centre probably originally of niello. The outer circle is divided into alternate patches of millefiori enamel in pink arid white, with two shades of green.

8. Stud of irregular shape (Plate LXXXIX., Fig. 15). Found near north-east corner of Praetentura. The upper panel is filled with red enamel, while below runs a band of white, with blue spots, arranged in groups of five. The setting has disappeared from the circular projection.

9. Circular stud (Plate LXXXIX., Fig. 19). Found in Praetentura. The enamel has disappeared from the centre. It was surrounded by concentric bands of blue and red.

III. Miscellaneous Enamelled Objects of Bronze

1. Brooch in the form of a dolphin (Plate LXXXIX., Fig. 3). Found in tracing line of reducing wall, Retentura. Plated with tin. The eye is enamelled in white and blue.

2. Brooch of S-shape or dragonesque form (Plate LXXXIX., Fig. 8). Found in Baths below cobble base of surrounding rampart. Along the centre runs a band of chequers, alternately blue and red, bordered on each side by semicircular patches of yellow. The remainder of the surface of the body on either side is divided into two panels, alternately red and blue.

3. Brooch (Plate LXXXIX., Fig. 23). Found in the South Annexe. The stem has been plated with tin. The semicircular enlargement of the head is filled with dark blue enamel, having in the centre a triangular setting of reddish brown.

4. Plate, 2 inches long by 1½ inches deep, slightly curved, with studs for attachment to leather (Plate LXXXIX., Fig. 25). Found on the edge of the road beyond the West Gate. At one end are the remains of a hinge, suggesting that it had formed part of a belt-clasp. The surface is divided in to six panels. The four outer panels are filled with millefiori enamel of a yellow-brown colour. The two central panels are arranged in small squares, containing alternately a small yellow flower, with a red corolla, on a black ground, and pink arid white chequers.

5. Pendant of bellows shape, 1516 inches long (Plate LXXXIX., Fig. 27). Found in the filling of the inner ditch (later system) of the West Annexe. The centre is a red