69. Small fragment of lower portion of a bowl (Dragendorff 37). The head and fore leg of a bear and part of a pigmy warrior are visible as well as the letters MI, part of the stamp CINNAMI, impressed retrograde, as is common with this potter. Lezoux. (Page 217, Fig. 15.)

70. Fragment of a bowl (Dragendorff 30). The decoration is in large medallions and panels. (1) In the angle below the medallion is the figure of a crane. The panel is divided horizontally, and in its upper part, in a wreath forming a demi-medallion, is an animal, resembling Déchelette 969 ter. In the lower is another, probably a boar. Lezoux. (Page 221, Fig. 5.)

(2) The Outer Ditch

71. Fragment of a bowl (Dragendorff 37), with coarse rim. Decorated with egg and tassel moulding. In a medallion is a figure of Cupid. Lezoux. (Page 221, Fig. 1.)

72. Fragment of a bowl (Dragendorff 37). Decorated with egg and tassel moulding. In a demi-medallion is a small medallion with a bird standing to right, turning back its head. (Page 221, Fig. 2.)

73. Fragment of a bowl (Dragendorff 37). Decorated with large and small medallions, separated by Caryatidae. The subject in the large medallion cannot be determined. In the small medallion beneath is a beardless mask, turned to right. Below the decoration are visible the letters X F, part of the stamp DIVIX F. (Page 221, Fig. 3.)

G. Finds from the Inner Ditch, East Annexe

The pottery here appeared to belong entirely to the later period. No early pieces were found near the bottom of the ditch, though two fragments of early bowls were picked up in filling in the material. The condition of the glaze in these indicated that they had not lain near the bottom.

74. Fragment of a bowl (Dragendorff 37), in fine preservation, showing egg and tassel moulding. The decoration is in the 'free' style. On the left a horseman gallops to right. From his shoulders floats a cloak, while in his right hand he carries a spear (Déchelette 158). He is surrounded by animals. In front of him, a bear walking to right (Déchelette 806). Small leaves are introduced between the figures. This piece lay near the bottom of the ditch. Lezoux. (Page 221, Fig. 4.)

75. Fragment of a bowl (Dragendorff 37), with coarse rim, showing egg and tassel moulding irregular and indistinct. A large panel contains two large leaves resembling those of the plane, with spiral stems added from another die. Above these a small ivy leaf issues from the dotted line beneath the egg and tassel moulding. To the right of the leaves an ornament composed of two objects