35. PIT LVIII. Fragment of a bowl (Dragendorff 37). Egg and tassel moulding. Beneath it, a wreath (chevron pattern). Lower, (1) in a small medallion, a figure of an eagle with wings displayed (Déchelette 982); the angles of the panel are filled with tendrils ending in long pointed leaves. (2) The cruciform ornament. Two smaller fragments from the same pit, probably belonging to the same bowl) show portions of the last panel with a band of S-shaped ornament beneath it. La Graufesenque. (Page 213, Fig. 1.)

36 and 37. PIT LIX. Fragments of a bowl (Dragendorff 29). Two friezes divided by a moulding with rows of beads on either side. In the upper, a, scroll with tendril ending in a pointed leaf and bud. In the lower, a scroll with feathery leaves and buds. La Graufesenque. (Page 213, Figs. 3 and 4.)

38. Small fragment of a bowl showing a scroll with leaves and tendrils and, below, vertical beaded lines ending in rosettes. (Page 213, Fig. 2.) The pit also contained the bottom of a globular vase (Déchelette 67). For the later pottery found at a higher level in this pit see Nos. 83 to 86. Same pit.

39. PIT LXI. Fragment of a bowl (Dragendorff 37). Portions of two panels. (1) The cruciform ornament. (2) Small medallion or arch, in which remains the incomplete stamp CRVC.... In the angle, a tendril ending in a long pointed leaf (Page 213, Fig. 5.) For this potter see Knorr, Rottweil xi. 1 and 2.

40. Small fragment of the upper portion of a bowl (Dragendorff 37). In place of the usual egg and tassel moulding, a border of scrolls. For a similar piece, probably from the same mould, see Walters, Catalogue, M. 1456. The complete design is one of arches with capitals and columns, filled in with floral ornament between. In one of the arches, a warrior with crested helmet (Déchelette 106), of which a vestige remains on our piece. Lezoux. (Page 213, Fig. 6.) Same pit.

41. PIT LXIII. Fragment of a bowl (Dragendorff 37). Egg and tassel moulding. Double frieze divided by zigzag line. In the upper, band of festoon and tassel ornament with spiral tendrils. Below, figures of a hound (Déchelette 931) and fan-tail foliage. La Graufesenque. (Page 213, Fig. 7.)

42. PIT LXIII. Small fragment of a bowl (Dragendorff 37). Egg and tassel moulding; beneath it, a tree with fruit; and beside it, part of the figure of a lion moving to right, with leaves above, iii the style of the potter Germanus. (See Knorr, Rottweil, Taf. v. 1 and 5.) La Graufesenque. (Page 213, Fig 8.)

43–45. Fragments of the lower portion of a bowl (Dragendorff 37), which has been mended with a leaden clamp. The decoration has evidently been arranged in a double frieze, of which part of the lower remains. An eagle—the impression is very poor—is seen flanked on either side by geese with upraised wings and stretched out necks. This design alternates with three groups of leaves arranged in pyramid fashion, divided by dotted lines. Beneath the frieze, a wreath of broad leaves, as