B. Finds from Early Pits

28. PIT XV. Bowl (Dragendorff 37). Height, 4 inches. Diameter, 838 inches. Egg and tassel moulding. Decoration in panels. The cruciform design is repeated four times: the panel on the left of it is filled with a figure of Diana (Déchelette 63 a), and that on the right with a figure of Victory (Déchelette 481). The remaining panels are divided horizontally: in the lower half is the figure of a bird-catcher throwing a net over a small bird, resembling Déchelette 563 (cf. No. 20 supra), while in the upper half are the alternate figures of a lion and a boar. La Graufesenque or Banassac. (Plate XLIII., Fig. 2.)

29. PIT XVII. Fragment of a bowl (Dragendorff 30). Egg and tassel moulding. The cruciform ornament, also panel with head of a lion—both incomplete. (Page 211, Fig. 1.)

30. PIT XXI. Fragment of a bowl (Dragendorff 29). The ciesign in two friezes separated by a moulding with a row of beads on either side; below it, a wreath of leaves. The upper frieze probably held a scroll. The lower is divided into panels. (1) Incomplete. Arrow-points in pyramid, and zigzag lines filhng the angle. (2) A lion galloping to right, resembling Déchelette 747; above it, a floreated tendril. (3) A floral ornament. La Graufesenque. (Page 211, Fig. 2.)

31. PIT XXII. Bowl (Dragendorff 37). The sides partly restored. Height, 3¼ inches. Diameter, 6½ inches. Egg and tassel moulding. The decoration consists of four small medallions with figures of Cupids facing alternately to right and left. The angles filled with tendrils with long pointed leaves. The alternate panels are divided horizontally. In the lower half, a boar facing to left. In the upper, arrow-points arranged in pyramid; the angles filled with raised lines (Plate XLIII., Fig. 1). (Cf. No.8 supra; also Walters, Catalogue of the Roman Pottery in the British Museum, Plate XXV., M. 555.) La Graufesenque.

32. Fragment of bowl (Dragendorff 37). Portion of a scroll. A plant as in Walters, Catalogue of Roman Pottery, M. 536. A draped figure of a man holding a staff, turned to right, and part of another figure—both incomplete; below, a line of long pointed leaves with stems. (Page 211, Fig. 4.) Same pit.

33. PIT LIV. Fragment of lower portion of a bowl showing scrolls and poppy-head ornament. (Page 211, Fig. 3; cf. No. 26 supra.)

34. Fragment of a bowl (Dragendorff 37). Egg and tassel moulding. Double frieze divided by a wreath (chevron pattern), which also recurs below the lower frieze. In the upper, a scroll with tendrils ending in pointed leaves. In the lower, figures of animals separated by bunches of reedy foliage. La Graufesenque. (Page 211, Fig. 5.) Same pit.