PIT XCIV. At a depth of 6 feet 9 inches, a barrel was found employed to line the well; it stood 6 feet 6 inches high. Diameter at top 2 feet 8 inches; in the middle 3 feet 3 inches; at bottom 2 feet 9 inches. The bottom had been removed. It was made of pine, having seventeen staves 6 to 7 inches in breadth, 1 inch thick. Below it lay a half barrel, 3 feet 3 inches high. Diameter 2 feet 8 inches at top; at bottom 3 feet 2 inches. The barrel was also of pine, with the same number and size of staves as the one which lay above it. The total depth of the well was 17 feet.

Finds. A long iron shovel. Pieces of amphorae. Many broad laths of split oak, about ½ inch thick. Skull of a goat. Some bones of oxen.

Cleared out 17 May, 1910.

PIT XCV. Diameter at surface 9 feet; at bottom 4 feet. Depth 17 feet.

Finds. In the upper levels a piece of a decorated bowl (Type, Dragendorff 37) with large medallions. From 8 to 10 feet, a number of logs of wood. Skull of Bos Longifrons. Several antlers of the red deer, one shaped as though to form a pick. At the bottom were found the hub of a wheel with portions of spokes. Four hanging ornaments of brass with iron ring; one small brass tongue attached to a brass ring; a circular disc of brass—all belonging to harness. Two buckles of iron. An iron key in fine preservation. A large mounting of hammered iron. An object resembling a linch pin. A cup (Type, Dragendorff 33) with stamp GEMINI M. A small two-handled cup (Plate XL., Type 17). Two fragments of late decorated bowls. A shallow bowl of black ware (Plate XLVIII., Type 41), and fragments of Types 48 and 49. Two small pots of brown ware (Plate XLVIII., Type 47). A well worn 'first brass' coin of Trajan.

Cleared out 27 May, 1910.

PIT XCVI. Diameter at surface 9 feet. At 7 feet lay a half barrel, 4 feet high. Diameter at top 2 feet 8 inches. Beneath it a whole barrel, 6 feet 6 inches high. The size and material were the same as that of the barrel found in Pit XCIV. Total depth 22 feet.

Finds. A long iron mounting broken in two pieces, probably a shield rib. Many fragments of amphorae.

Cleared out 1 June, 1910.

PIT XCVII. Diameter at surface 7 feet; at bottom 2 feet 6 inches. Depth 14 feet.

Finds. The pit contained a very considerable quantity of black deposit. Some red deer antlers. A small knife or dagger. Fragment of a bowl with large wreath decora­tion, and of cup (Types, Dragendorff 37 and 33). A few pieces of coarse late pottery.

Cleared out 2 June, 1910.