river Tese three miles towards the south and six towards the west.'[*] 'This' says the editor of the edition published by the Surtees Society, Mr. Hodgson Hinde, 'is the earliest mention in any medieval writer of Deorstrete, the great Roman thoroughfare through the county of Durham from south to north.'

Again, the Chartulary of Melrose includes a charter executed in the reign of William the Lion (1165-1214) by William of Hunum, in which he gives to the monastery the lands stretching 'from the stream of Cuithenhope up that whole path as far as the bank between Raweshawe and Cuithbrithishope, and so following the boundary between me and Richard de Umfraville to Derestreth on the west, and from Derestreth descending to the boundary of Chattou, and so by that boundary between me and Chattou to the stream of Cuithenhope.'[]

We have here the road on the Scottish side of the Border in the country which lies between Street House and Cappuck. Chattou is identified with the modern Chatto, along the boundary of which the Roman road still runs after passing Pennymuir.[1]

In 1226, in a charter of Alexander de Chattou dealing with the lands of Rascaw or Rachawe, the boundary is described as running 'on the east side of Derestret, going up from Calne by the sike as far as Scolceuescluch, and by the same sike going up to the cross set up with our assent, and so straight thence to the head of Seteburn, and by the said burn coming down to the burn which comes down from Thedbrichteshop, and so descending to the stream of Cuithenhope.'[]

[*] Postea idem sanctus episcopus Ecgred aedificavit ecciesiam apud villam quae vocatur Gegnford et dedit earn Sancto Cuthberto, et quicquid ad earn pertinet a flumine Tese usque ad Weor, et a via quae vocatur Deorestrete usque ad montem versus occidentem. Et ultra fluvium Tese tria milliaria versus austrum et sex versus occidentem. Surtees Papers, vol. li. p. 142.

[] a rivo de Cuithezihop sursum totam illani semitarn usque ad fossatum inter raweshawe et Cuithbrithishiope et sic totam divisam inter me et Ricd de Umfrauille usque in derestreth versus occidentem et de derestreth descendendo totum usque ad divisam de chatthov et sic per illam divisam inter me et chatthou usque ad rivum de Cuithenop. Liber de Melros, vol. i. p. 722, No. 131.

[] Scilicet ex orientali parte de Derstret ascendendo de Caine per sicum usque in Scolceuescluch et per eundem sicum ascendendo usque ad crucem de assensu nostro constructam et sic in directum usque ad Capud de Setehurne et per eandem burnam descendendo usque ad Burnam quac descendit de Thedbrichteshop et sic descendendo usque ad rivulum de Cuitheii hop. Liber de Melros, vol. i. p. 247, No. 280.

[1] 'Cuthbertshope, Roxburghshire, with an, Appended Note on Derestreet,' by George Watson, History of the Berwickshire Naturalists' Club, vol. xix. p. 333.